Ingisi Security Services and Projects is a security company based in Soweto Johannesburg. We provide event security, retail security, home security services, protection services, dog handler, cctv installations, armed response, escourt service, security guards, retail security and alarm installations.


Ingisi Security Services and Projects was established with the aim of providing a unique service related to security and protection of assets within all sphere of business. Management’s professional business experience includes security and loss control, national safety and key point security, public and industrial relations, management, administration and marketing.




Becoming the leader in provision of security service, and by doing so, we continuously improve the quality of life for our employees and clients.




“We” shall ever empower our employees and stakeholders, through the development of empowerment programs in house and within our communities where we provide services. It is through this initiative that we shall provide professional security service.


Through our trained service we envisage professional protection and growth by participation and contributing security services, policies and regulations.


“Above all we advocate for creation enrichment through training unskilled communities on personal security and crime prevention”




  • Our Client comes first
  • Maintain highly quality professional security service.
  • Adhere to all employment regulation and acts or statutes
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of our client’s business and respect our clause of secrecy with clients.
  • Promote professional client services ever leaving our clients with satisfaction and clearly anticipate concluding a new contract with us.
  • Keep a par with developments within the security services fraternity and to empower our employees through physical and mental training programs and encouraging further literacy training involvement.
  • To form network with the relevant authorities within the security services industry.




  • Our company provides a high calibre services from Grade D to Grade A Officers. The security officers are inspected before deployment to their sites, and are transported or posted to their respective posts from our offices.
  • Posts are in 24-hours contact with a control-room for purpose of constant monitoring,
  • Electronic guard monitoring system may be installed on site.




  • Patrolling
  • Dog Handler
  • CCTV systems
  • Escort services
  • Access and Aggress Control
  • Armed Response on Alarms
  • Temp Guards (Special Events)
  • Alarm Installation and Monitoring
  • Retail management and undercover officers.